Sunday, December 3, 2006

Repost of Brian Allgeier's Message

With the flood of posts to this site since John Wu initiated it, Brian Allgeier's original message has become buried in the depths of blog archives and hard to find. Most people I have talked to recently were missing or overlooking it. I felt it pertinent to revive it.

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Brian's Original Post:

Hey everyone,

Most if not all of you have heard that Dan Johnson passed away at his home in Agoura Hills last week. How he died is still unclear. Over the years, he had severe back problems and was taking strong medications. Recently he was taking a new medication that resulted in some bad side effects. It is believed that he might have taken a fatal mixture of meds. As I get more information, I’ll be sure to let people know.

I have been in contact with Dan’s parents and High Impact Games to help coordinate arrangements for a wake/memorial gathering in Los Angeles. Many of you have asked where to send flowers or donations:

Flowers for the Iowa memorial service can be sent here: First United Methodist Church, 1298 7th Ave., Marion, Iowa, 52302 (at 11:00am Monday)

Flowers for Dan’s parents can be sent here: Lee and Chloe Johnson, 3750 Indian Creek Way, Marion, Iowa 52302.

When Dan was a child, he had a series of major leg surgeries and at one point was in the hospital for over a year. Without the surgeries, he would never have been able to walk. A few weeks ago, Dan contacted me about being a signing witness for getting his medical records from the hospital. Dan mentioned how he wanted to put together a book on his experiences and how he wanted to help and inspire children who are now dealing with similar challenges. Dan spoke fondly of the kindness and care he received at the Shriner’s hospital in Minnesota.

Donations/Memorials for Daniel Johnson can be made to The Shriners Hospital For Crippled Children, 2025 River Road, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414.

Please use this site to post any photos, drawings, letters, or anything that you would like to share.

Dan has touched the hearts of many people during his time in Los Angeles. He was a very close friend and I will miss him greatly. Please send the link to the site to others who were close to him.



Friend of Dan said...

Just wanted to thank John Wu who created this blog site and came up with the idea. Great way for sharing our images and thoughts. -Brian

Andi said...

Hello. I was a very good friend of Dan's when he lived back in Iowa, and I have a photo or two I'd like to share after I get them scanned. How can I do this? Should I email them to you or could someone hook me up with an invitation to post?

The service in Marion was very nice...

Evelyn Reece said...

Dan's humor was amazing!So quick. A really cool guy. You will be missed by so many! We send you love and hugs wherever you are!