Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dan's halloween pics, and thoughts from Jon

Dan and I. Here we've cleverly swapped glasses.

First I'd like to say that from the day I moved to LA 16 months ago, Dan was one of my favorite people. He was the first person here I got to know...he started off by giving me a 2 hour lecture about gopher farming in Iowa (and we compared and contrasted how gopher farming differs in Texas) and the rest was history.

Over the last 16 months we grew pretty close and became a DJ'ing duo. There were quite a few times we'd be up until 6-7am playing records at my place until the mix totally degenerated into a massive trainwreck and Dan (aka DJ Bunky, or moon) would then abruptly fade the mixer out and proclaim he was done for the night. We also had an odd habit of snacking on massive quantities of things while DJ'ing. On one of the nights, him and I went through what must have been a half a pound of jellybeans while DJ'ing...and on another night we went through a 2lb bag of carrots.

Since we shared a love for similar music, I'd also constantly try and drag him out to see various DJ's he'd like. Due to aches and pains he wouldn't come out as often as we'd all like, but he still made a good showing. The pics are from the very last time Dan came out with was Friday, October 27th, 2006 at Avalon in Hollywood. I'm dressed as a cheezy tourist, and dan is in his usual halloween costume.....he's a dan.

Dan's infamous "hand dance"

Liz (my gf), Dan, and I. This photo now sits permanently at the DJ setup we used so he can oversee my mixing and make fun of me when I play "White Horse" for the 15th time.

Dan's great personality, musical tastes, and sense of humor all had a great influence on my life and he'll be with me as long as I'm still breathing. He was a great friend. RIP DJ Bunky.

PS. For anybody that would like a copy of a mix or two of his, I can be contacted at jmayfield _at_

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